About Us

Our Product Mandate

The DNA of the brand is based on innovations and Product differentials. Our product mandate is that it must solve a critical problem of the common man with an assured world class quality and long-term utility.

Who We Are

The group of people driving the company are highly qualified Techno-commercial professionals from top institutes of India and having long professional work experience with India’s top business houses like Tata, Birla and many top brands of India. They are responsible for turning around many brands, start ups and are sought after personalities of the industry.

Our R&D team headed by India’s top technologists work on finding innovative solutions of current nationwide issues of Water Contamination, Air Pollution, industrial issues and other daily life problems of common man. There are solutions already available for such problems, but all these are very complicated and far from reach of common man..

Teknovus presents MCHW technology for a comman man. This is simple to install and Fit & Forget solution of converting Hard water into Soft Water. Similarly, our teams are working on many other such issues.

Recently we have added HDM Technology, Hydro Dynamic Magnetism. The technology is useful to convert RO purified water into Magnetised water. This provides high energy levels and better health. World over people drink Magnetised water to remain healthy.

Similarly, our teams are working on many other such issues.

Watch out updates on our digital pages to know our endeavors and how we are changing lifestyles of people.