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Note: Check Diameter of your Water Inlet Pipe of your overhead tank and choose same size (Inches) Akira Agro

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Akira Agro: The best Magnetic Water Softener for Agriculture

Akira Agro is a agriculture water softener system, which does not use any chemicals or resin to soften the water. It comes in 2 sizes, 3.0 inches or 4.0 inches.

Importance of Magnetised Water in Agriculture and Horticulture

India is a farming-dominated country, but we all know that a larger section of our farmers is still far behind on the latest technologies available to make their crops grow faster, conserve water, increase yield, fully nourished, and greener crops.

Water is the main ingredient of any farming, and its availability is extremely important. It has the most important minerals dissolved in it which are required for better and faster growth of crops. These minerals need to go deep into roots through the soil for proper nourishment of the seeds and crops. Most of the farmers use submersible pumps to extract water, this water most of the time is hard.

The water flowing into the field has hard water crystals which leaves deposits of Calcium and magnesium salts on the soil. These deposits on the soil do not allow other important minerals to seep into the roots. As a result, crops remain non-nourished. So, it is important to change the nature of the water from hard to Soft. 

Using magnetised water, which is produced by Magnetic Water Softeners, is one of the best water treatments for irrigation purposes. Globally it has been proved by various published reports in renowned universities and Science & Technology departments, of the following benefits of using magnetised water for irrigation. Summary of many of such globally published reports are available with us and are shared on our website.

Teknovus is the 1st brand to develop this product, Akira Agro, in India for irrigation water, as per Indian water conditions.

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Benefits of Akira Agro in irrigation:

  1. Up to 20% less water consumption in irrigation. A major source of water conservation.
  2. Up to 30% increase in crops yield.
  3. All natural minerals present in water are adsorbed by the roots, which nourishes the crops.
  4. Helps in seed germination and accelerates the growth of the crop
  5. Reduces the salinity of the water.
  6. Soil remains moist for a longer period.

Additional benefits of Akira Agro:

  1. No Use of Chemicals or resin to soften and magnetize the water.
  2. MCHW is a 100% Eco-friendly technology
  3. No Recharging required
  4. Zero Maintenance and Electricity
  5. Five years warranty against any manufacturing defect.

World Class Technology used in Akira Agro

Akira Agro Magnetic Water Softeners with latest MCHW technology, (Magnetic Conditioning of Hard Water). The product has a strong magnetic field inside that changes physical structure of water, this magnetises the water and increases its penetration level, breaks molecular structure of hard water crystals and aligns them into a unilateral direction and reduces surface tension of the water. As a result, this hard water crystal loses its tendency to settle on soil surface and impact on plants & crops.  All necessary minerals are quickly absorbed by the roots. The technology has been widely used across the world for farming.

This can be easily fitted with any Submersible pump at its output.

3-Day Replacement Warranty:

 In case you receive a damaged or defective product, you can reach us at our email ID care@teknovus.in within 3 days of receiving the product, and we will arrange for a replacement. Returning after 5 days may result in your return being rejected. We will assist you to sort out any issues through online methods, over the phone, or with an in-person technical visit. The returned product must not be in a tempered condition.

5-year manufacturing warranty

If there is any issue that you face due to a manufacturing defect for 5 years, our team will be there at your service to repair it and make sure it works smoothly again. You just have to mail us at care@teknovus.in and leave the rest to us.


What are Agriculture Water Softeners?

Agriculture water softeners are designed specifically for agricultural purposes, treating water hardness and enhancing its suitability for farming needs.

Why is it necessary to have a water softener for agriculture?

Having a water softener for agriculture is crucial because it improves water quality, whether it is borewell water or canal water, it prevents mineral buildup on soil, conserves water, enhances nutrient absorption, and ensures optimal crop growth.

Can the Agriculture Water softener System handle large water volumes?

Yes, agriculture water softener systems are designed to handle large water volumes commonly required in farming, ensuring consistent water quality for irrigation, livestock, and other agricultural needs.

Are Agriculture farming Water softeners easy to install and maintain?

Agriculture water softeners such as Akira Agro, are designed for easy installation and no maintenance, allowing farmers to focus on their operations without significant disruptions or complications.

 Is it cost-effective to invest in water softeners for agriculture?

Investing in water softeners for agriculture is cost-effective in the long run, as it prevents equipment damage, reduces maintenance costs, improves crop yield, conserves water and promotes overall farming efficiency.

Can an Agriculture water softener be customized for specific water conditions?

Yes, agriculture water softeners can be customized to specific water conditions, accommodating variations in hardness levels, mineral content, and other factors to provide tailored water treatment solutions for agricultural needs.


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Akira Agro 3.0, Akira Agro 4.0


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