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Dual-Protector Technology is now in India

Restricts Hair Fall

Restricts Skin issues and bring glow on skin

More lather on shampoo and bathing soap

Restricts Scaling on shower and taps

Improve Appliance's life & efficiency

Prevents scale of crockery and brings shine to them

Washing machine provides
shining clothes

Grow More Home Plants, Fully nourished
Higher yield & Use less water

Zero Electricity | Zero Maintainance | 100% Eco-Friendly | ABS Body | Five Year Warranty | Certified By Top Agencies

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Vision of Teknovus is “Inspiring lives for better quality of living by providing unique & innovative technologies blended with convenience and lifestyle”.

The DNA of the brand is based on innovations and Product differentials. Our product mandate is that it must solve a critical problem of the common man with an assured world class quality and long-term utility.We also want to make our mother Earth greener, thus, all our products save electricity, waste absolutely no water, and last for years.

We aim to make the lives of people easier. healthier and more comfortable without being hard on their pockets. Some of our products are pretty costly but even those products save a lot of money that people spend on electricity bills, maintenance charges and more.

The Talent Pool- Our Key People

Sandesh Srivastava

Director, CEO & Founder

Sanjay Sardana

Director – Technology

T.G. Krishnan

Director – Agro Products

Akira Magnetic Water Softener

Just Ditch That Limescale and make your water go upscale with Just Ditch That Limescale and make your water go upscale with Akira Magnetic Water Softener

Softener, Conditioner and Magnetizer All in One

A magnetic water softener also acts as a water conditioner for hard water as it utilizes the power of magnets to alter the properties of water. By subjecting the water to a magnetic field, the magnets in a magnetic water conditioner, purportedly changes the behaviour of these minerals, preventing them from adhering to surfaces and causing scale buildup. A water softener that uses magnets has the same effect on hard water, making the water not only soft but also conditioned and magnetised. Thus making it super and healthy for your loved ones, pets, clothes, appliances, pipe gardens, farms, and everything else.

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Our Most Advanced 100% Eco - Friendly Dual Protection Technology is now in India

Most Teknovus products are equipped with our cutting-edge, 100% Eco-freindly technology. after many years of research and development, such a combination of technologies to eradicate the negative effects of hard water was made possible. Various prodcuts are being produced to address various issues associated with the regular usage of usage of non-drinking water.

Polymeric Oxyionic Media (POM), generically Polyphosphate crystal media, a product of Atlas-Filtri Italy, which is odorless, colorless & NSF approved. This media improves the quality of water in the distribution system by removing scale deposits & tuberculation, discouraging microbial film formation/regrowth, and stabilizing free chlorine disinfectant residuals.

Magnetic Conditioning of Hard Water, MCHW technology Powers the product with a very high gauss value strong magnetic field, generated by Permanent rare earth magnets, Neodymium, which gradually modifies the ionic structure of hard water crystals and further lowers the surface tension of water to prevent the formation of scale on any kind of surface, and multiple other benefits in various applications.

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