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Did you know that Hard water in your bathroom is responsible for your Hair fall, Skin problem, scaling on expensive bath fittings & Appliances?

We call water “hard” if it contains a lot of calcium or magnesium dissolved in it. Hard water causes lot of problems: It can cause “scale” to form on the inside of pipes, water heaters, boilers, water vessels, tea kettles and so on. The calcium and magnesium precipitate out of the water and stick to the objects. The scale doesn’t conduct heat well and it also reduces the flow through pipes. Eventually, pipes can become completely clogged. It reacts with soap to form a sticky scum, and also reduces the soap’s ability to lather. Since most of us like to wash with soap, hard water makes a bath or shower less productive.

What is Double Protection Magnetic Water Softener?

A magnetic water softener is a device that ultilises the power of magnets to alter the properties of water. It aims to reduce the presence of minerals like calcuim and magnesium, which are responsible for water hardness. By subjecting the water to a magentic feild, the magnetic water softener purportedly changes the behaviour of these minerals, preventing them from adhering to surfaces and causing scale buildup. While the effectiveness of magentic water softeners is debated, properties claim they offer an environmentally freindly alternative to traditional water sofeting methods.

Double Protection Magnetic Water Softener is a unique combination of world class Magnetic Water Softener, using MCHW technology, and Polymeric Oxyionic Media (POM)

Two Stages Of Our Double Protection Magnetic Softener Technology

This combination offers an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional water softening methods.
The devise is installed in two stages of technologies i.e., MCHW and POM.

Stage 1

Magnetic Conditioning of Hard Water, MCHW Technology MCHW technology Powers the product with a very high gauss value strong magnetic field, generated by Permanent rare earth magnets, Neodymium, which gradually modifies the ionic structure of hard water crystals and further lowers the surface tension of water to prevent the formation of scale on any kind of surface, and multiple other benefits in various applications.

Stage 2

Polymeric Oxyionic Media (POM), generically Polyphosphate crystal media, a product of Atlas-Filtri Italy, which is odorless, colorless & NSF approved. This media improves the quality of water in the distribution system by removing scale deposits & tuberculation, discouraging microbial film formation/regrowth, and stabilizing free chlorine disinfectant residuals.

Double Protect your family from harshness of hard water.

It is a widely known fact that the untreated raw water’s pH normally ranges between 6.5 to 8.5. But harder the water, higher will be alkalinity or pH, which has excessive Calcium & Magnesium. It has serious damaging effect on skin and hair. The pH of normal human skin is 5.5 while of our sweat is 6.3. Hence our Skin and Sweat are slightly acidic in nature.

Hard water is softened either by distillation or reverse osmosis to remove the calcium and magnesium, or to use a water softener. RO Filtration would be extremely expensive to use for all the water in a house and huge amount of wastewater. So, a Conventional Water Softener is usually a less costly solution. Most of the salts used in these conventional Water Softeners for regeneration gets flushed out of the system and may be released into the soil or sewer. These processes can be damaging to the environment. Some jurisdictions prohibit such release and require users to dispose of the spent brine at an approved site or to use a commercial service company. It releases sodium in Soft water, for people on a low-sodium diet, the increase in sodium levels (for systems releasing sodium) in the water can be significant, especially when treating very hard water. Moreover regular maintenance of these softeners is very tedious and labour oriented and hence we have observed that most of these softeners installed on rooftops along with water tanks remain inactive due to inability to maintain on a regular basis.

  1. Very expensive and complicated installation process.
  2. Requires heavy monthly maintenance cost to recharge the media, at least 2 times in a month.
  3. Heavy labour-oriented activity to recharge the media on rooftop, which is an additional cost.
  4. Chemical composition of water changes due to Salt solution used to recharge the media. The media retains Calcium and Magnesium to soften the water. Thus, the output water losses important dietary mineral calcium and Magnesium from the water.
  5. Many Point of Use Water Softeners use chemically coated balls to soften the water which may have risk of many side effects besides heavy recurring cost of consumables and maintenance.
  6. Most of these big size softeners installed on rooftops along with water tanks remain inactive due to customers inability to maintain on a regular basis.

We at Teknovus have developed Akira range of Online Magnetic Water Conditioners. We use MCHW technology – Magnetic Conditioning of Hard Water.

Magnetic Water Conditioners are a relatively a new invention. The idea is that by passing water through a magnetic field, the calcium and magnesium ion’s are altered in such a way that they lose their ability to cause scale. This has a number of benefits; it has the useful properties of soft water, that is, it won’t cause lime scale in your pipes thus increasing heating efficiency and lengthening their lifespan. Calcium is an important dietary element, so the fact that conditioned water still retains its calcium content is an added benefit.

Using Magnetic Conditioners to condition water has been used for 40 years throughout many parts of the world. Many agencies have reported about the use of Magnetic Conditioners including the Federal Trade Commission, U.S. Dept. of Energy, U.S. Department of Commerce, American Chemistry Society, American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineer

Teknovus Akira Water Conditioner’s enabled with MCHW (Magnetic Crystal Hybridization Water) technology, works on this principle of magnetism. Focused magnetic field physically changes the water’s molecular structure, which reduces the size of the water molecule and aligns dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium in a uniform direction. Magnetic field generated causes a reduced surface tension, thus, restricts hard water minerals from forming of hard crystals of scale. which minimizes impact of excessive pH and hardness, this makes the water feel softer and behave like soft water. As a result, scale is removed from your plumbing, appliances and fixtures saving your time cleaning, and money on fuel to heat your water. Hence as water passes through the magnetic field the lime scale (salt) molecules lose their attraction to one another and are prevented from combining into larger structures (lime scale), causing them to remain in suspension.

This eliminates hard water impact on skin, hair and restricts scaling on Home Appliances and sanitary fittings.

We use rare earth Permanent magnets of Very High Gauss value. Neodymium magnets, also known as “NdFeB” are strong permanent magnets made from an alloy of neodymium, iron & boron. We have reputed labs test reports of Surface tension reduction and its Gauss value.

Our MCHW technology does not require any electricity, zero maintenance cost and is simple Fit & Forget solution. The WOW factor is that it is completely Organic and has no side effects.

  1. Restricts Hair fall and skin problems
  2. Restricts Scaling on Home Appliances such as Geysers, Washing Machines and Dishwashers etc. As a result life of appliance improves by faster heating resulting into saving of electricity.
  3. Due to no scaling in water, the clothes washed in washing machines retain their original shine for longer periods and white clothes continue to remain as white as original for longer periods. Water gets more lather and less consumption of Detergent.
  4. Saves expensive bath fittings and pipes from scaling and improves life of these fittings.
  5. Product does not require any electricity or any media for replacement etc. So, no maintenance cost.
  6. No monthly recurring cost of replacing the chemically coated media.

We don’t use chemically coated balls or resins which may have risk of many side effects besides heavy recurring cost of consumables and maintenance.

In all conventional methods of Softening the water, there is a trend of measuring TDS and Hardness of water. It is measured at the water inlet and again at the outlet after the treatment. However, all conventional methods become ineffective if regular media change or Salt solution charging is not done. This confuses the customer, hence as and when they change media or charge the system, he wants to check whether the system is working or not. Such hassles and complication of the system frustrates the customer and as a result he stops using the product.

However, MCHW technology which is the most advanced technology and presently being preferred world over for Softening the water, is greatly consumer friendly and focused on consumer experience and end impact. In this technology, TDS & hardness is not measured at the output because it is not extracting any natural minerals from input water but in actually changing the molecular structure of water which breaks strong crystals of hardness and make them unidirectional. This causes reduction in surface tension of water and hence hard water crystals become very weak that their impact on hair, skin and formation of scale gets nullified. Therefore, output TDS & hardness PPM remains almost the same as input.

So, enjoy the goodness of soft water and do not worry about frequent measuring of hardness, change of media and charging with salt solution.

This is fit and forget technology makes your life convenient, hassle-free, no worry of measuring the hardness, no recurring cost, no maintenance, zero electricity and long life.

    Disclaimer: The technology has been proved effective to control Hair fall and skin problems but does not guarantee the same for the people having specific medical condition. All such people should consult a qualified Dermatologist.
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