AquaNova Magneto (Drinking Water Magnetizer)


  • Model Name: AquaNova Magneto
  • Technology: HDM, Hyro Dynamic Magnetism
  • Magnetic Strength: 24000 Gauss
  • Type of Magnet: Permanent rare earth Neodymium
  • In & Out: 1/4″
  • Maximum Input TDS: 3000
  • Retention Time: 48 to 72 Hours
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AquaNova Magneto is a Best Drinking Water Filter. The device can be easily fitted with any brand RO Water Purifier. The purified water produced by RO gets converted into purified magnetized water. This is done by our specialized HDM technology (HDM Technology is a Trademark of Teknovus Solutions Pvt. Ltd).

HDM Technology, Hydro Dynamic Magnetism, due to its high magnetic field changes the molecular structure of water, reduces size of the molecules and aligns dissolved minerals in uniform direction and causes reduced surface tension of water. Thus this process magnetizes the water in 100% and makes it a great healthy drink.

World wide people drink magnetised water for better energy and good health.


  • Minerals present in water get quickly absorbed by body cells.
  • Rejuvenates hair & skin and improves overall immunity & vitality.
  • Increases oxygen level in body cells and blood.
  • Helps body to hydrate better and get rid of acidity & excess free radicals.
  • Strengthens bones and their density
  • Helps in preventing many diseases like BP & Diabetes etc.
  • Increases RO membrane life by reducing mineral deposits on its pores
  • Enhances pH level of water making it Alkaline

Additional Features

  • HDM is a 100% Organic technology
  • Zero Maintenance and Electricity
  • One-year warranty against any manufacturing defect.
  • Easily connects with any brand RO Water Purifier

Warranty Terms & Conditions

AquaNova Magneto is warranted for one year against any manufacturing defect.

In case you receive a damaged or defective product, you can reach us at our email ID within 3 days of receiving the product, we will contact you and arrange for a replacement. Returning after 5 days may result in your return being rejected. We will assist you to sort out the issue you may have, either through online method, over the phone or in-person technical visit. The returned product must not be in tempered condition.


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