International Women’s Day: How Magnetic Water Softeners Benefit Women

A Hidden Challenge of Women in Daily life 

International women’s day is celebrated on the 8th of March every year across the globe. It’s a day to recognize female achievements and encourage everyone to step forward for women rights and gender equality.

But why is this day celebrated?

Throughout the past women fought for freedom and rights that they enjoy today. In the early 20th century, women protest gained momentum through suffrage. 

Women  protests also included issues like equal pay, access to education, healthcare, and political representation.

Availability and access to clean water is a primary human right. Yet, it is a huge problem specially for women in many parts across the globe. 

No access to clean water impacts a woman’s lives on many levels, affecting their health, education and livelihood.

Women face many challenges in their daily lives, especially with household chores, which are worsened by hard water issues. 

Let’s know how hard water softener for hair loss and skin stands as a challenge in daily life.

Impact of hard water on women’s health


1. Health effects of hard water while doing daily work

In India most of the places have hard water supply. Hard water contains an excess amount of natural crystals of Calcium and Magnesium. Well, consumption of hard water does not result in serious health problems, but can lead to skin dryness, frizzy hairs and excessive hair loss

Washing hairs with hard water at many times can result in dry and itchy scalp.

Minerals like calcium and magnesium present in water changes its pH value, making it more alkaline. Much like the effect on hairs, hard water makes your skin dry and causes irritation. And if you are someone with sensitive skin or have skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, hard water will make the situation terrible. 

Furthermore, hard water can affect your nails as well. Hard water can make your nails really thin, brittle and can lead to discolouration of nails. 

2. Impact of hard water on daily chores

Cleaning appliances and plumbing:

Have you ever seen a glass, kettle or water tap with a thin grayish layer at the bottom which does not wash away easily? This happens due to hard water which creates a chalky limescale on your kitchenware.


It is hard to wash clothes or launder in hard water as it does not produce lather with soap. As a result, more soap and detergent is used to overcome this problem. This leads to clear wastage of laundry products.


Hard water destroys your wardrobe, specifically your beloved dresses. Washing your clothes in hard water can lead to early fading, shabby or worn-out clothing. This is because of the calcium and magnesium present in the water. The effects of hard water on washing machine is really beat up your clothes and take the color out of them.

What’s the Solution? 

1. Raise the Awareness: 

There might be chances that you are having hard water in your home, but you are not aware of that. There are many indicators that can confirm the presence of hard water in your home.

Some of the most obvious indicators of hard water are:

  • Heavy hair fall
  • Dry and itchy skin
  • Fading of clothes 
  • Dingy clothes
  • Clogged pipelines
  • Limescale on utensils and kitchenware
  • Lack of lathering 
  • Use of more soap and detergent than required

2. Understand Challenges that comes with hard water: 

Counting from babies to adults, from laundry to kitchenware, the minerals present in hard water affects the tenderness of skin and leads to formation of limescale. 

Use of hard water makes your scalp dry, itchy and causes irritation. It can cause excessive hair loss, make your hair frizzy and brittle. You may also suffer from rashes and encounter skin irritation. 

Moreover, you can also face further challenges like damage of bathroom fittings, blockage in water pipes and fading of clothes.

Now, you are aware of what challenges and problems one has to deal with. 

3. Using Modern Technology Solution to this huge problem: 

The best solution that one can opt for in order to get rid of hard water is installing a water softener. 

But, what is a magnetic water softener? And how does it even work? 

A water softener for hair or skin helps to remove or reduce the minerals (calcium and magnesium) from the hard water. To do this, water softeners use different techniques like magnetic and electronic technique, ion-exchange technique and salt-free technique.

Benefits of water softener:

1. Water softener for skin whitening: 

Water softener removes natural minerals, and other filths from hard water. Hence, improving the quality of water and reducing the possibility of skin dryness and darkening. Water softeners help improve skin conditions, resulting in whitening of skin and also prevents irritation caused by hard water.

2. Water softener for hair: 

Soft water requires much less soap, hair products and rinsing as compared to hard water. Furthermore, water softeners remove calcium and magnesium from hard water, making it suitable for hairs. 

Due to which hair color stays for a longer time, improves hair quality. Water softener helps in prevention of hair dryness, frizziness, hair thinning and hair fall.

It can also result in hair growth over time.

3. Magnetic water softeners for Home: 

Magnetic water softener, also known as descaler, inverses the electromagnetic properties of minerals in hard water. Thus, making the water soft. 

If you are dealing with limescale frequently, have clogged or blocked pipelines. Magnetic water softener is the suitable water softener you can install at your home.   

What Akira Water Softener Offers Today’s Womanhood? 


Teknovus Akira deals with several revolutionary water softener devices using the technology of reducing hardness and magnetizing the water to make it more effective, healthy, and clean. 

Akira uses the utmost advanced technology of MCHW (Magnetic Conditioning of Hard Water) and POM (Polymeric Oxyionic Media). We are India’s 1st Dual protector technology with Salt-free water softeners. 

POM technology improves water quality by removing scale deposits, tuberculation, and microbial growth, whereas MCHW magnetizes the water, conditioning it to be more mineral-rich, healthy, clean, and refreshing. 

Below are the most helpful products for women gifted by Teknovus Akira: 

1. Akira Life:

Softens the hardness of the water and  great for bathing. It offers a refreshing, energetic, and healthy life every day. This bathing water softener restricts hair fall, brings glow to your skin, and enhances the effects of your daily care routine. 

2. Akira Maxsafe:

Akira maxsafe water softener minimizes the water hardness to minimal and prevents your home appliances and dishes from water stains, rusting and getting clocked, enhancing their lifespan with 100% efficiency all the time. 

3. Akira Wash:

Prevents rusting & scaling in tanks, giving the washing machines a longer lifespan and healthy effective work with improved lather. Akira Wash washing machine softener easily removes the stains and results in fresh shiny clothing each time. 

4. Akira Pro:

Akira Pro covers up all your water usage at home, giving a generous enhancement to your overall lifestyle, such as better hair & skin health, no scaling on appliances, balance of minerals in drinking water, and expands the lifespan of expensive bathroom fittings.


Dealing with hard water can be really challenging to a woman. The problems range from skin issues cleaning of limescale formed on water taps and kitchen appliances. But, this problem can be resolved with the use of water softeners and descalers. Water softeners soften the hard water, thus making it suitable for use.    

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