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Say Goodbye to Dryness In Winter Using Water Softener For Bathing


Skin dryness is an everyday problem throughout the winter. We want to provide you with a better option: water softeners Water Softener for Bathing and water filters before you spend a fortune on lotions and creams this winter.

Even though it may sound odd, purchasing water treatment equipment for your house is the most effective way to prevent your skin from drying out during winter. Don’t trust what we say? We’ll explain.

What are the Causes of Dry Skin in winter?

You shouldn’t only put the weather to blame for your very dry skin. The texture of our skin is influenced by several factors. Sadly, the majority of us either ignore or don’t know about these aspects at all. We’ll talk about what causes dry skin in winter.
  • Low humidity levels: People frequently turn up their home’s heating during the winter, which lowers humidity and changes the amount of moisture that is available to the skin.
  • Hot showers and baths: Winter is the perfect season to unwind with lengthy, hot baths. However, did you know that excessive use of hard water can also result in dry, lifeless skin? Using too hot water may cause your skin to get dry, even if you use soft water for your bath. Your skin loses its natural hydration when you use really hot water.
  • Harsh soaps and cleansers: Since many well-known soaps, detergents, and shampoos are designed to eliminate oil, they dehydrate your skin.

Effects of winter dryness on the skin

Some of the common effects of winter dryness on your skin are given below:
  • Itching and irritation: Itchy dry skin frequently becomes uncomfortable and makes you want to scratch. Scratching might make the issue worse by causing more harm to the skin’s protective layer.
  • Flakiness and redness: Flaky skin may have an uneven and harsh texture. Redness may indicate inflammation and increased sensitivity, rendering the skin more vulnerable to external stimulants.
  • Cracked skin: Skin that has cracks in it can hurt and is more prone to infections. Additionally, it can make it more difficult for the skin to function as an efficient barrier against outside pollutants.

Role of Water Softeners in Skin Care

Hard water is caused by minerals that are removed by water softeners for bathing. These minerals have the potential to accumulate and harm your house. Concentrations of calcium and magnesium are eliminated.
When combined with metals, calcium and magnesium can block drains and pipelines. Shower Heads in bathrooms display it. What builds up and obstructs the water’s flow is the rust-coloured residue.

To maintain the functionality of your plumbing, a water softener minimizes buildup. It clears the water and removes blockages. You could require a water softener if you’ve noticed your skin is dry.

Benefits of Using Water Softeners for Bathing

  • Moisturization: Compared to hard water, which has significant amounts of minerals like calcium and magnesium, softened water is softer to the skin. After taking a bath, using water softeners helps to keep the skin from feeling dry and more moisturised.
  •  Improved skin texture: Hard water may leave minerals on the skin, giving it a less smooth and gritty texture. The skin feels softer and has a better texture when using softened water, which helps to wash the skin without leaving behind these deposits.
  • Prevention of skin issues: For those with sensitive skin, hard water might irritate them. Softened water lessens the chance of causing skin irritation and is particularly helpful for those who have psoriasis or eczema

Choosing the Right Water Softener

Factors to consider before choosing the Right Water Softener for bathing

Assess Your Water Hardness: It’s important to know how hard your water is before you start using a water softener. You have two options for testing your water: get it done professionally or use a DIY kit.
Water and Energy Efficiency: In today’s ecologically sensitive world, efficiency is crucial. Go for water softeners with lower regeneration water and energy consumption.
Warranty and Support: Reputable water softener brands like Teknovus provide guarantees that cover possible flaws or failures. Recognise the conditions of the warranty, such as its duration and coverage.
There are several well-known water softener brands in the market, such as Teknovus, Culligan, WaterBoss,, etc. However, because of its cutting-edge technology, effective operation, and intuitive features, Teknovus stands out as a superior option.
Innovative resin regeneration systems are frequently used in Teknovus water softeners, guaranteeing a steady supply of soft water.
Their energy-efficient designs save costs, while their robust construction and clever monitoring features improve user convenience. Teknovus stands out as a top brand, providing a better water-softening experience than other market competitors, according to favourable customer evaluations that emphasise dependability and efficacy.

Cost Analysis of Using Water Softeners

A water softener might set you back between Rs 29000 to Rs 200000. Thankfully, the vast majority of systems may last up to 20 years. A water softener’s cost for your house might change based on several variables.

pricing factors for water softeners

The size of your house: Your home’s size and the number of rooms—especially its bathrooms—affect both its size and price. The system’s water-softening capacity increased with the number of bathrooms.
Installation: Your ultimate cost may vary significantly depending on whether sufficient piping is available. Older homes may require replacement before installation if they have badly damaged hard water or old pipes.


To sum up, investing in a water softener is a step towards a more comfortable and satisfying living environment. Through careful consideration of factors including water hardness, softener type, capacity, maintenance requirements, and more, you can choose a system that best suits the specific demands of your home. Keep in mind that the objective is to build a healthier and more peaceful home environment for years to come, not only to solve immediate issues.

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