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How to make Hair & Skin Health Boosting Water at Home

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Introduction to Bathing Water Softeners

One of the most prevalent issues with water quality that many households face is water hardness, which is caused by excessive crystals of Calcium & Magnesium minerals. This causes Hair fall, Skin issues and scale on expensive bath fittings including Appliances such as Geyser, Washing machines and dishwashers. 

With a water softener for bathing, you may avoid having to replace water heaters that break too soon, deal with scaly tap heads and spend endless hours wiping away soap residue. Hard water softener safeguards your house and belongings while saving you time, effort, and money. 

Water Softener for Bathing Shower

Understanding the Need for a Bathroom Shower Water Filter

Water Hardness which is caused by crystal of calcium and magnesium, minerals are eliminated from your shower water using Bathroom Shower water filters. It completely eliminates which  may do severe damage to your body, causing skin disorders like dermatitis and acne, and leaving your hair lifeless and fading. Water softener for skin makes sure that you can unwind and rest in skin-friendly water when you take a hot shower at the end of the day.  

Hard Water Affects Your Skin:

Hard water causes skin problems. First, let's discuss the scalp.

Dandruff, often known as dryness and flaking of the scalp, can be brought on by an accumulation of calcium salts.

One could suppose that the cause of dandruff is the shampoo you purchase. However, hard water could be the true offender.

The rest of your skin may feel dry and irritated after using hard water. That's because the soapy residue clogs pores in your body. Furthermore, your skin might get even more dry and irritated due to scale formation.

How Shower Filters Work to Soften Hard Water

I want to explain what hard water is. Hard water contains Ca+ and Mg+ crystals. These crystals have a tendency to settle down on surfaces like bath fittings, your skull and skin. So it is important to break down these crystals organically without the use of chemicals so that they lose their tendency to settle down on surfaces in the form of scale.

If your property has hard water, you may soften the water you bathe in by using a shower filter. It's important to remember that not all shower water filters are compatible with hard water. Most Shower filters use chemically coated balls which have many side effects including heavy cost of maintenance. 

Benefits of Installing Akira Life Water Filter in the Bathroom

Benefits of Installing Akira Life Water Filter in the Bathroom-teknovus

The advantages of filtered water for your plumbing, appliances, and drinking water are frequently the topic of discussion when talking about water filtration and softening systems. On the other hand, very little attention is paid to the advantages a water filter may provide for your skin.

Despite being the biggest organ in our body, we frequently fail to give our skin the care it needs. Your complexion and general health will greatly benefit from installing water filters in your bathroom so that your shower head and taps are all producing correctly filtered H2O.

In light of this, the following are five essential advantages of adding water filters to your bathroom.

  1. Reducing Chlorine:

    Although tap water may only contain minute levels of chlorine, it is nevertheless sufficient to cause skin irritation. Studies have indicated that often using  Akira Life for bathing experience or showering, especially in young children, might potentially cause skin disorders like eczema. Chlorine, when vaporized in hot water, can cause eye irritation and possibly respiratory issues in elderly individuals. After chlorine has completed its crucial task of removing germs, a water filter eliminates the potentially harmful substance.

  2. No more itchy hair:

    Have you ever wondered why you find yourself scratching your hair in the middle of the day? It can be the result of dandruff growth on your scalp. Filtered water has been shown to greatly decrease dandruff because pollutants are removed

  3. Cleaner bathroom:

    Not only does limescale cause problems for our kitchen sinks and kettles, but it also physically damages the walls of our bathrooms. Limescale in the water is usually the origin of the white stains you discover all over your showers, and they are quite hard to get rid of without taking some drastic steps. Not only would installing a shower filter reduce stains, but it would also make cleaning the bathroom much simpler.

  4. Skin hydration:

    Moisture is necessary for healthy skin, and washing our hands, taking showers, and bathing are major sources of this moisture. The hot water, especially in a shower, helps to open your pores so the water can work its magic. On the other hand, smaller mineral deposits left by harder water can block pores and cause dry, flaky skin. 

The great majority of those deposits will be eliminated by a water filter, keeping your skin smooth and moisturized. It may also block free radicals from developing, which may keep your skin appearing younger.

That glorious smell:

Let's face it, pleasant scents are not among the many things that people associate with toilets. Not only is the bathroom water softner where we 'do our business', but most bathrooms and wet rooms have an odor of old water that accumulates over time and may be particularly off-putting.


In conclusion, installing homemade health-boosting water not only protects your hair or skin but also provides hydration to your hair and skin. Installing a shower filter not only reduces stains, but it would also make cleaning the bathroom much simpler. Filtered water has been shown to greatly decrease dandruff because pollutants are removed. Along with this, it does not cause skin irritation. 

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