Do you know that India’s more than 70% of households receive hard water? 

This has serious ill effects on our hair, skin, pipelines, bath fittings, and expensive Home Appliances.

Conventional Salt based technologies available in the market are very expensive and require periodic bi-monthly labor of re-charging resin media and give many side effects to our health due to extraction of important minerals and wastage of water. 

Teknovus, a leading brand of Automatic Water Softener, has launched a unique innovative Dual-Protector technology to get rid of ill effects of hard water, which is salt-free, does not extract any minerals and no waste of water. This automatic water softener is zero maintenance, 100% eco-friendly and certified by top agencies.

The technologies used:

MCHW: Magnetic Conditioning of Hard Water

MCHW refers to the technology of magnetic conditioning of hard water. It has a strong magnetic field which is produced by the presence of permanent rare earth magnets also known as neodymium. This changes the ionic structure of the hard water crystals. Further, the lowering of surface tension helps water to prevent scale formation in our automatic water softener.

POM: Polymeric Oxy Ionic Media:

This technology is being used in our Automatic water softener for stabilizing free chlorine disinfectant residuals and stopping microbial growth. Being a colorless, odorless, and NSF-approved setup, it helps remove the scale formation.

Highly acclaimed newly launched Product Range of Teknovus:

1. Akira Life – Hair & Skin health boosting water for Bathing

Akira Life is a Water softener for bathing with Dual-Protector Technology (MCHW+POM)

Application: For Bathing 

Fitment: Shower and Taps 

Technologies used: MCHW + POM 


  • Restrict Hair fall 
  • Restrict skin issues and bring Glow to skin 
  • Restrict scaling on the shower and tap 
  • More lather from Bathing Shampoo and soap

Hair loss and poor skin are primarily caused by hard water. Additionally, it lessens the effects of the finest shampoo and bath soap. The pores of the skull and skin are penetrated by the magnetized and treated water from Akira Life’s Water softener for bathing. This water nourishes the pores by delivering natural, essential minerals there. Your regular shampoo and soap for bathing now produce a better lather and fully clean the body. Long-term use of magnetized water through us reduces hair loss and improves skin radiance. Besides this Akira Life restricts scale formation on the shower and tap. 

Whether your water is soft or hard, it is highly recommended that you attach the AKIRA Life, which has Double Protection Water Technology, to your shower or faucet for bathing reasons. To provide better nourishment, the magnetized water opens the pores of the skull and skin. The skin keeps its moisture for a longer time. The Akira’s Water softener for bathing is the best gift you can give for your skin.

2. Akira MaxSafe Scale Protector for Appliances – Geyser, Washing Machines and Dishwasher

Akira Max safe

Akira Max Safe is Water Softener for home and a conditioner with Dual-Protector Technology (MCHW+POM)

Application: Safety of Home Appliances 

Fitment: At the Water Inlet of Geyser, Washing Machine & Dishwasher 

Technologies used: MCHW + POM 

Benefits of Water Softener for Home

  • Restricts scaling in appliance tanks and Heating elements 
  • Save Electricity 
  • Improve Appliance efficiency 
  • Bring shine on clothes and crockery 
  • More lather from Detergent and Soap

The Akira Max Safe as a Water softener for home is a cutting-edge Scale Protector that uses cutting-edge dual-protector technology to protect your priceless appliances. Designed with accuracy and furnished with Water softener abilities, this gadget is explicitly customized to improve the performance and life span of your Geysers, Washing Machines, and Dishwashers. 

Steel tanks, pipes, and other sections of expensive equipment can develop scaling from hard water or contaminated water. Over time, these accumulating scale deposits prevent an electric current from flowing through the element completely, which causes elements to take longer to heat the water and use more electricity. With the use of Akira’s water softener for geyser

This is more common in dishwashers, washing machines, and geysers. Hard water in washing machines prevents appropriate lather and dull clothing. Similar to this it affects cleansed steel, bone china crockery, and melamine dishes in the dishwasher, this hard water creates white-scale stains. All of this results in frequent high maintenance expenses for these appliances and shortens their lifespan and efficiency. 

It is highly advised to attach AKIRA Maxsafe, that’s equipped with Double Protection Water Technology, at the water inlet of these appliances to guard against scaling, which creates more lather, improves efficiency, and increases the life of the appliance. You can also get the Akira Water Softener for Geyser that will help you get hot soft water that’s good for your skin or other purposes as well. 

3. Akira Wash Scale Protector for Appliances for Washing Machines

Akira Wash is a Water Softener for washing machine and conditioner with POM

Application: For Washing Machines 

Fitment: At water Inlet tap 

Technologies used: POM 


  • Restricts scaling in tank 
  • Better shine in clothes 
  • Improves washing machine efficiency and longer life 
  • Improves lather

Akira Wash, the best water softener for washing machine is one of the best scale protectors for washing machines. It helps to keep the original shine of the clothes. Akira Wash comes with Scale protector Technology which is enabled with POM (Polymeric Oxyionic Media). 

Steel tanks, pipes, and other sections of expensive washing machine can develop scaling from hard water or contaminated water. Hard water in washing machines prevents appropriate lather and dull clothing. All of this results in frequent high maintenance expenses and shortens its lifespan and efficiency of a washing machine. 

It is highly advised to attach AKIRA Wash – The water softener for washing machine, which is equipped with Polymeric Oxyionic Media, at the water inlet of Washing Machine, to guard against scaling, which creates more lather, better shine on clothing, improves efficiency, and increases the life span of washing machine. 

4. Akira Go Green – Magnetic Water Conditioner

Akira Gogreen

Akira Go Green is Magnetic Water Conditioner for Home Gardening with MCHW

Application: Greener and higher-growth plants at home 

Fitment: Tap of Home Lawn, Terrace or balcony 

Technologies used: MCHW 


  • Fully nourishes the plants with natural minerals present in water 
  • Up to 30 % higher growth in plant 
  • Consumes up to 20 % less water 
  • Reduces salinity in water 
  • The soil remains moist for a longer time

Akira Go Green is the best Home Gardening Magnetic Water Conditioner. Being the best Water softener for home Gardening, Akira Go Green comes with MCHW technology for higher yield and fully nourishes plants of your garden with natural minerals present in the water. 

Hard water scale build ups on the soil prevent natural minerals and crucial fertilizer elements from penetrating deeply into the roots of plants. Despite pouring enough water, plants continue to be mall-nourished as a result. It takes longer for seeds to germinate. Over time, soil nutrient content also decreases. Because of this, there is less growth of plants, grass & other greenery. Flowers and organic vegetables are not well-fed. 

Attaching AKIRA Go Green, which is equipped with MCHW Technology and releases high-gauss micro-clustered magnetized water molecules, is strongly advised. Natural minerals and crucial fertilizer components penetrate deeply into the roots of plants due to the high penetration level of magnetized water. Up to 30% more plant growth can be achieved with its aid, which also results in water savings of up to 20% and complete mineral nutrient uptake by the plant. Just installing the Akira’s Water Softener for home gardening can make your garden greener and better. 

Global studies have validated the advantages, and farmers all over the world are utilizing this technology with high-end variants to increase crop quality and growth.

Key features of the entire range of Automatic Water Softener

  • Zero Electricity 
  • Zero Maintenance 
  • 100 % Eco – friendly 
  • ABS Body 
  • Five-year warranty 
  • Certified by top agencies.

Easy to Install (DIY – Do it Yourself)

  • All these products are very easy to connect, Do it Yourself (DIY), with your Shower, Hand Shower and Taps: Change your home with Akira, the embodiment of easy-to-use designs.  installation is simple, because of the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) approach implanted in each item. 

Whether you’re setting up a new shower, hand shower, or taps, Akira removes the requirement for expert help. Users can connect their appliances easily, saving time and eliminating the need for costly installation services thanks to simple instructions and intuitive components.

  • It has thoughtfully included additional adopters, washers, emery paper, and Teflon tape to ensure that users have everything they need for a seamless setup. Bid farewell to last-moment hardware shop runs and enjoy the accommodation of having all important parts helpfully packed with your Akira appliances.

The higher range of the brand


Besides Tap fitment products, the brand has been installing the same dual protector technology products for whole bathrooms and whole houses across India. People are enjoying the goodness of soft water without bothering for recharging and costly maintenance issues.

About the Brand

The Core team of the company has been in the water industry for more than two decades. The DNA of the brand is innovation and product differential. 

The R&D team of the company relentlessly works day & and night to innovate technologies. Brand’s product mandate is that it must solve a critical problem of the common man with an assured world-class quality and long-term utility. 

The company also wants to make our mother Earth greener, thus, all the products save electricity, waste no water, 100% eco-friendly, and last for years. The aim is to make the lives of people easier. Healthier and more comfortable without being hard on their pockets. 


In conclusion, Akira appliances arise as a signal of development, maintainability, and customer-driven designs. From energy-effective arrangements that require zero power to eco-accommodating practices embedded in every item, Akira remains at the front of a cognizant, groundbreaking way of life.

Pick Akira for an extraordinary experience – where productivity meets supportability, and each development is intended to upgrade the prosperity of your home and the environment. Lift your way of life with Akira – making your home more smart, greener, and more effective than any other time in recent memory.

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