Common Garden Problems Solved with Akira GoGreen Water Softener for Home Gardening


Are you aware of the loss of using hard water for household purposes? If you don’t know about this, let us be clear that hard water can prove to be harmful to your home and garden as it has adverse effects on your plants. 

The hard water can cause the death of your plants. It also has adverse effects on the soil which may reduce the final crop production and also hamper the quality of the crops. 

To avoid problems caused by hard water, using the Akira GoGreen water softener for home Gardening is the best option. In this article, we are sharing complete information related to Akira GoGreen, which will be very beneficial for you. For complete information, read the article till the end.

What problems does our Akira GoGreen water softener for home gardening solve?


Akira GoGreen water softener is a type of magnetic water softener that helps in softening hard water. Using hard water for agricultural purposes makes soil less fertile and harms the plant health as well. 

As a result, you don’t get the desired crop quantity and quality. With Akira GoGreen Water Softener, you can improve your crop health or home gardening. 

This helps you cultivate a small garden in your home on the balcony or terrace or on the roof. The hard water health damage to plants will not be a problem anymore for you. 

The hard water causes a white crust on the soil and pot. Thus, it causes a buildup of salt layers in the soil. The Accumulated salt layer doesn’t let the plant absorb moisture properly. This causes brown corners, slow growth, and yellow leaves. However, this may cause the death of plants as well. 

Effects of Hard Water in the daily household

Effect on the health of plants


Minerals like calcium and magnesium are found in hard water which can clog the soil and prevent it from providing nutrition to the plants. Due to this, the growth of the plant may stop and the problem of yellowing of leaves may increase.

Akira GoGreen water softener for home Gardening softens the water and provides it to the plants as per their requirement due to which the plants grow in a healthy manner.

Damage to garden equipment

Minerals do not dissolve properly in hard water, due to which they get deposited in the equipment. Because of this, the machine gets damaged quickly. Akira GoGreen gives life to those machines by softening the water.

Damage to clothes and washing machine


The effects of hard water on washing machine can damage your clothes and machine because due to the use of hard water, all the minerals get accumulated in one place in the machine. Due to this, the machine gets damaged. 

They leave white stains on the clothes. Akira GoGreen ensures that your washing machine uses soft water, which keeps the machine running smoothly and washing clothes better.

What makes our Akira GoGreen unique?

Akira GoGreen water softener for home Gardening differentiates itself from others due to its many features. It improves the quality of water used for bathing, cleaning, and cooking. Being eco-friendly, it does not create any problems for the environment. The features which make it unique are given below:swa

1. Electricity Saving:

Akira GoGreen Water Softener is considered to be at the forefront of saving electricity. It is considered to be above all the water softeners available in the market because it is completely eco-friendly.

2. No Care Required:

Akira GoGreen does not require much maintenance like other water softeners as it is completely designed for hassle-free functioning.

3. 100% supportive of the environment:

Akira GoGreen water softener remains committed to environmental sustainability. Its use does not create waste at any place, rather it also helps in cleaning the waste, thereby creating a healthy environment.

4. ABS Body:

Akira GoGreen water softener has a strong ABS body that can remain safe even in outdoor conditions without any stickiness for a long time.

5. Long Term Warranty:

Akira GoGreen is one of the most popular brands all over the world for its quality and trust. In this, you will get a 5-year warranty due to which it proves to be completely beneficial.

6. Certified by Agencies:

Top agencies inspect and certify Akira GoGreen water softener which confirms its safety.

Advantages of Akira GoGreen Water Softener


For families who are using hard water, it is important to be familiar with its disadvantages. If you are also among those families who are using water for domestic purposes, then you must have Akira GoGreen water softener to improve the quality of water. Using Akira GoGreen water softener, you can grow more in your beautiful home garden and lawn. 

Here the advantages of the water softener are given: 

1. Helpful in better growth of plants:

Akira GoGreen water softener makes the soil fertile due to which the trees and plants have good fertility and they get healthy nutrition.

2. Long life of machines:

Akira GoGreen aims to keep garden tools and all machines in good condition for a long time, freeing one from the worry of frequently replacing machines.

3. Fabric Preserver:

Akira GoGreen helps in softening hard water and dissolving all the minerals in it, due to which the clothes remain stain and stain-free.

4. Less Expensive:

Akira GoGreen is kind of less expensive as it comes with a 5-year warranty. It does not require frequent repairs which saves the repair money and also the money of buying a new machine.


It is a smart idea to include Akira GoGreen water softener for home Gardening in your daily routine as it proves to be completely eco-friendly. Besides, it also eliminates the problems faced by hard water while washing clothes and helps in making good friendships with both the clothes and the machine. Apart from this, improving the soil, makes the plants well fertile and provides them nutrition.

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