Pros and Cons: water softener advantages and disadvantages

pros and cons of home magnetic water softener

These days the term water softeners is becomming very popular, but what are they? Why are they so important? Let us see. Using hard water for daily household chores can be a real drastic issue for the present generation. It’s not about the safe side of the water but it’s all about the concern for one’s health and building a standard way of living their own life. The quality of the grade of your water may cost you in many drastic ways, such as blemish, spots, or splatter upon one’s clothes, making shiny hairs as well skin dull and wide. It also shades the damn color of well-grandiful clothes.

The only solution to this drastic problem is to have a home water softener system. As Teknovus, purposely knows that if you want to install home water filtration, they may provide the best hard water softener for your home. Here, the question arises: which kind of water filtration is best for regular use at your home? Now, the perfect answer to the query is to install a magnetic water softener for one’s home.

What is the meaning of a magnetic water softener and how does it work in the regular process of life? As per the grip, in the modern era of this environment, there are several varieties or classes of water softeners available, like salt-free water softeners, magnetic water softeners, etc.

Magnetic water softeners enabled with MCHW technology, works on this principle of magnetism. Focused magnetic field physically changes the water’s molecular structure, which reduces the size of the water molecule and aligns dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium in a uniform direction. Magnetic field generated causes a reduced surface tension, thus, restricts hard water minerals from forming of hard crystals of scale

Magnetic water softeners can be considered the best hard water softener for the home as it is the purest form of softening the water and making it the best of its use. It’s the non-chemical alternative water softening process purposely reducing the effect of the hard water. Having hard water may give rise to the issue of the plumbing system and not just in your home. Here are the things to consider while deciding the best magnetic water softeners whether you are choosing the right magnetic water softener or not? Each variety or kind of home water filtration system has its pros and cons. 

Benefits of Water Softener

As per the prior, magnetic water softeners are a low costing maintenance option to soften your water, as well providing the following benefits:

  • Magnetic Water Softeners are low-cost or inexpensive for the common man to bring in daily use for home chores than some other options present in the market, like chemical-based water softeners.
  • They specify to have a long-lasting and enduring life with its best quality – in actual fact, the best Magnetic Home Water filtration system may last for more than 40 years in its own version.
  • The Magnetic water softener doesn’t use any chemicals or sodium for decontaminating the water, so it is very safe for anyone to drink as well as use for watering plants and many more purposes. 
  • It retains all the minerals present in the water and Zero wastage of water.
  • There is no use of electricity and maintenance cost is zero
  • They are more likely to be alkaline, when they enter the body, raise the pH of our body, and allow it to get rid of the toxins present in our body.
  • Biologically, Magnetised Water is believed to build energy levels, activating and detoxifying our body. 
  • The Magnetic Water Softener drives the water soft which further allows soap or detergent to provide its best use as well it is safer and more comfortable for some people’s skin. It softens one’s hair and skin too.
  • Hard Water also restricts the issue during the plumbing system as it increases the pressure during plumbing due to the build-up of scales. So installation of magnetic water softener prevents this.
  • Soft water helps reduce hair fall significantly and enhances glow on the skin.

Realizing the Hardness of the water, a magnetic Water Softener may be efficient to fulfil one’s family’s requirement. While making the decision, one should keep the pros as well as cons of the magnetic water softener while deciding. 

Disadvantages of Water Softener 

No Home Water Filtration System is damn perfect. While some people are enticed by the inexpensive and low maintenance of magnetic water softeners, it’s very necessary to know the disadvantage of the softener, which are as follows:

  • This being relatively new technology in India, hence it is important to check enabling of MCHW technology in the right quality of product.
  • Magnetic water Softeners retains softness of water for about 48 to 72 hours. But in more than 98% domestic use the water re-filled in the overhead tank every 24 hours. Hence this con is not to be considered. 
  • There may be the basic problem of water supply and basically, if the issue is caused due to bacteria, chlorine, smell or taste of water then an additional pre-filter will be required to be attached before Magnetic Water Softener. 

However, Teknovus is the only brand in India which provides MCHW enable Magnetic Water Softeners under the name of Akira and Akira Pro. The company believes in research & development and understand the core issues before launching any product. These Magnetic Water Softeners ensures that the water which transpires in your home – whether from the tap, shower or from the water heater is safe for every family member to use. Therefore, selecting the best hard water softener for your home can enhance the quality of your water and be worth every penny spent on it.



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