Say Goodbye to Hard Water This World Water Day: A Guide to Water Softening Solutions

Say Goodbye to Hard Water: World Water Day

Each year, World Water Day on March 22nd reminds us of the precious resources and the importance of managing them and using them wisely. But the quality of water matters a lot, when we are using that every day. Hard Water even though ok for some use can create problems in your pipes and also for your hair and your skin. This blog explores how hard water is impacting our lives and the most important part is how to have soft water and save water through it. 

Understanding hard Water

Hard water refers to water that has a high amount of mineral content, typically, the main elements being large-size crystals of magnesium and calcium. There are many ill effects of Hard Water in our daily life. In India, 70% of households receive hard water.

Signs of Hard Water

5 Signs of Hard Water

Scale Buildup: Crusty build-ups of white color on shower heads, kettles, and faucets. 

Soap Scum: Creates difficulty in forming lather and leaves a minute filmy residue on your skin or different Surfaces. 

Dry Skin And Hair: Hard Water can cause the natural oils to strip, thus leaving the skin itchy and dry and thus making the hair feel dull and not easy to manage. 

Spotty Dishes: The Dishes emerge from the hard water, have a cloudy formation, or have water spots after cleaning. 

Reduced efficiency of Appliances: Hard Water affects the lifespan of dishwashers, water heaters, and washing machines. 

The Impact of Hard Water on Life

Hard water not only leaves stains and spots on your dishes. It can significantly impact your daily life: 

  • Household Appliances:

  • The buildup created by hard water reduces the efficiency of washing machines and dishwashers, thus requiring more detergent use and premature wear and tear of parts in these appliances. The buildup can also clog pipes after some time. 
  • Personal Care:

    Hard water also creates problems related to difficulty in lather formation in soaps, thus leading to a feeling less cleanliness and drying potential, causing irritated and dry skin and scalp. 
  • Cleaning Time:

    Hard water also increases cleaning time, and it requires much stronger detergents and increased time for rubbing and mineral deposits. 

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What is Soft water?

Soft water is the water that has those hard minerals like calcium and magnesium removed or in minimum quantities to be qualified as soft water. Soft water has multiple benefits: 

Lather and cleaning: Soft water allows for the soap to form and lather much more easily and gives a better feeling of cleaning your hair, skin, and dishes. 

Reduced Mineral Buildup: No more buildup on shower heads, faucets, or in or outside appliances, thus extending the lifespan of these and improving efficiency as well. 

Soft Skin and Hair: Soft water also helps in the retention of natural oil in skin and hair, thus making your skin feel smoother and softer and your hair more manageable and shinier. 

Water Softener Solutions: Using The Right Water Softener

To soften the hard water, you can use a water softener. Generally, there are multiple technologies of Water Softener like Ion Exchanger Water Softener, Salt-Free Water Conditioners, and Electronic water Descalers. Some of the most advanced ones are: 

MCHW and POM water softeners

The MCHW and POM technologies are advanced technologies that are used in water softeners. The MCHW technology uses a strong magnetic field and gradually changes the ionic structure of hard water, thus providing soft water.  Whereas the POM uses the technology of removing scale deposits, discouraging microbial film formation, and stabilizing free chlorine disinfectant residuals.

MCHW and POM water softeners : Teknovus

The dual protector technology of some of the water softener like Teknovus Salt-Free water softener contains advanced Polymeric Oxyionic Media (POM) and MCHW technology (Magnetic conditioning of Hard Water) water treatment methods that help to maintain all the minerals present in the water efficiently and breaks down the excessive crystals of calcium and magnesium.

The Science Behind Softer Skin and Hair: Real Results

Different results can show the effect of how soft water can have much improvement: 

Reduced irritation and dryness:

Different studies have shown around 90% of the participants regarding skin irritation and dryness. 

Improves Hair and Scalp Health:

Around 80% of the users noticed hair shine and manageability with fewer split ends and around 65% felt that the itching or flakiness of the scalp also got reduced. 

Comparison of Skin and Hair Health Before and After Using Softened Water

Health Parameters Before Using Softened Water After Using Softened Water
Skin Dryness and Irritation High Reduced
Skin Texture Rough Softer and Smoother
Frequency of Skin Flare-ups Frequent Decreased
Hair Shine and Manageability Dull Increased
Hair Breakage and Split Ends High Reduced
Scalp Health Itchy and Flaky Improved

Choosing the Right Water Softening Solution

Water Hardness: Check the water hardness and choose the water softener based on it. 

Household Size: Whether you have a big or a small household and your water needs and choose accordingly. 

Budget: Water softeners have different prices based on technology and other features. 

Environmental Concerns: Consider different salt-free options based on water efficiencies.


Getting started with Soft water

Installation: Hire a professional to install the water softener. 

Maintenance: Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for best performance. 

Monitoring and Adjustment: Adjust the setting based on the operation and needs

Living with Hard Water: Minimizing the Impact

If you can’t install a water softener now, follow these simple steps to minimize the hard water impacts: 

  • Vinegar: White vinegar is great for cleaning the buildup of hard water on faucets, showerheads, and appliances as well. 
  • Gentle Cleaners: Use pH-balanced soaps and shampoos that do not strip away the natural oils for hair and skin. 
  • Use a Shower filter: A shower filter can easily reduce the impact of hard water on your skin and hair. 
  • Conserve Water: While the water softener uses some water, it decreases the amount of water used in general when you consider soft water over hard water. 

Conclusion: Save Water through Soft Water

Hard Water problems can be easily resolved by using a great water softener. On this World Water Day let's save water. Water softeners can decrease the use of water as the soft water can easily clean substances and much more thus reducing the usage of water. On this World Water day, we pledge to take action and save water as this is the most precious resource. Invest in water softener and you will notice the difference. 

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