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Understanding the Link Between Hard Water and Hair Loss


Almost 70% of the population today suffer from some stage of hair loss. There are surely many advanced technologies, medical treatments, and surgery that are perfectly fine to opt for as a solution. But one factor that most of us have forgotten is a healthy lifestyle.

Water is especially a major health factor for our hair health. If you’re living in a hard-water-affected area, the chances of you facing hair loss are higher. 
Hard water, though, is not a serious issue for your health. You live gracefully but the effects of hard water can cause hair loss, skin issues, and other regular ailments like constipation.

What is Hard Water?


Hard Water is natural and nothing to worry about. When underground water flows through fields that are enriched with deposits of limestone, chalk, and percolates. It absorbs the minerals into it. This phenomenon causes water to turn hard. 

Calcium, Magnesium Carbonate, Bicarbonates, and Sulphates are the most common minerals in Hard Water. However, it is very harmful to regular utensil washes, equipment, machines, and marble flooring, and some minor health ailments such as constipation & hair loss. 

The use of hard water causes scaling in machines, and pipes, heavy rusting, and random stains on utensils. The scaling in pipes causes water clogging in homes that might need professional help later. 

Effect of Hard Water on Hair: 

Water softener for bathing is nowadays considered for people who suffer hair loss and other skin issues. However, before you install any such kind of equipment, understand well whether you need it or not. 

Hard water has severe effects on hair and skin. And here we have tried to explain it below. 

The hard water is enriched with minerals. These minerals come in contact with shampoos and soaps and form a compound salt. This salt sticks to the scalp and effects heavily on hair- skin and roots. 

  • Hard water makes your hair dry, thin, and tangled. 
  • It causes excessive hair fall and scalp itching. 
  • Calcium in hard water stays to your scalp and doesn’t let the scalp absorb air & moisture. 
  • Minerals on the scalp turn your hair brittle. 
  • Using hard water makes shampoos ineffective. 
  • It blocks the pores and stops hair growth.
  • Hair loses its volume and gets frizzy all the time.
  • It invites bacterial growth, infection, itching, yeast, and wounds.
  • Hard water leads you to heavily dandruff. 

Signs of Hard Water-Induced Hair Damage: 

Hair loss is common in today’s times. We are covered by pollution, bad lifestyle, junk food, late night parties, and extreme hair treatment which eventually lead to heavy hair fall. 

Besides all these, your hair fall may have another hidden cause that you’re still unaware of; hard Water. If you have already tried out several treatments, home & medication, you should look for your water quality. Here are some signs that say it. 

  • Your hair gets dry even after shampooing & conditioning. 
  • You experience hair loss throughout the year. 
  • Damaged hair and split hair are a sign of hard water. 
  • Your hair is always frizzy. 
  • There are several tangles in your hair. 
  • You see the discoloration of your hair.
  • Your scalp is flaky and full of dandruff. 

How to Stop and Cure Hair Loss Caused by Hard Water 


There are several methods of treating hair loss caused by hard water. There are home remedies but you must continue that for weeks to see their effects. Their effects are natural but temporary. As soon as you stop doing that, your hair will reach the same stage as before. 

However, we are listing those home remedies here. Even if you don’t have any such conditions, you should go for these to keep your hair healthy, bouncy, and strong. 

  • Use conditioner and cleansing shampoos to remove build-up from the scalp. 
  • Use moisturising masks for hair. 
  • Lemon rinse treatment is great for cleansing hair as well. 
  • Apply apple vinegar rinse treatment. 
  • Give yourself enough time to relax. 
  • Use Akira Life Water Softener for bathing
  • Use professional conditioning treatment for nourishing your hair. 
  • Consult a dermatologist or trichologist for advice. 

Install Akira Life Magnetic Water Softener to remove hardness from water and leave you with magnetic water. This water softener stabilises the free chlorine disinfectant residuals and stops the regrowth of microbes. It releases high gauss micro clustered molecules that turn hard water into magnetic water, which has considerable health benefits. 

Tips for Protecting Your Hair Health: 

Magnetic water softener turns water into soft magnetic water. However, that doesn’t mean that you should stop all your regular hair treatments. Hair is a treasure to humans and you must know how to keep it healthy in all adverse situations. 

Apart from installing Akira Life water softener for bathing, make a hair health schedule to protect your hair from all problems. Follow the below-listed suggestions.

  • Avoid all alcohol-rich products. They damage your hair and cause breakage in it. 
  • Say no to heat styling as it weakens your hair health. 
  • Your pillowcase also affects hair health. Buy some satin pillowcases and enjoy worryless sleeping. 
  • Install Akira Life water softener and drink more water. 
  • Say no to sulphate-rich hair products. 
  • Trim your hair every once in a while for better growth of hair.
  • Use conditioners after shampooing your hair. 
  • Use hair masks for better nourishment.
  • Do an oil massage twice a week to strengthen your hair. 
  • Protect your hair from direct sunlight and heat exposures. 
  • Eat iron & protein-rich food only. 
  • Wash and dry your hair with care.


Hair fall is a common problem worldwide. People look forward to treatment and surgery but very often we forget about our natural resources. Before you go to any doctor for treatment, check whether or not your natural resources are causing them. 

Hard water is a common cause of hair fall. If you’re facing it, you should check your water supply once. In this article we have clearly mentioned all about hard water and its adverse effects on our hair. 

Teknovus is a leading manufacturer of water softener for bathing, which is Akira Life Bathing. The Akira Life Bathing effectively helps in maintaining the balance of all the minerals in the water.  Magnetic water has benefits for skin & hair health such as bouncy hair, clear texture, hydrated skin, etc. 

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