Akira MaxSafe Water Softener Increases Your Home Appliances Lifespan

Water Softener for home appliances

Hard water significantly destroys regular home appliances over a period. If you are unaware of any such technical terms, let me simplify this for you. Have you ever seen unsightly stains on your dishes? Or a white film on the dishwasher? Hard water also creates a chalky residue on your sinks & tubes and over some time, it clogs them. Experienced? 

Hard water is a natural phenomenon that happens with water sometimes, but are not very effective for our daily usage. They create all the issues like those mentioned above, but the most bizarre effect of using hard water is the reduced lifespan of your home appliances means more pressure on your pockets. 

Akira Maxsafe Water softener for home appliances increases the natural lifespan of your home appliances multiple times. The whole technology is focused on softening water so it doesn’t harm your appliances functioning at all, actually enhances it. more.

What is Akira Maxsafe Water Softener?

Akira MaxSafe water softener for home appliances

Teknovus manufactured Akira Maxsafe Home Appliances Water Softener that are solely made for breaking hard water components and turning it into soft water. The whole model name goes like this- ‘Akira Maxsafe (Scale protector for appliances). 

The device works with our regular water appliances such as dishwasher, geyser, and washing machine where you need to attach this device to the water inlet. The device then automatically starts working on the water coming to the equipment. Softening the water automatically increases the lifespan of the machines. 

The manufacturer company has more products starting with the name ‘Akira’ that we will discuss in later blogs. 

Problems Solved by Akira Maxsafe Home Appliances Water Softener:

Akira Maxsafe is an easy solution to your troubled home issues. Using hard water affects you in the long run and significantly degrades your appliance’s efficiency over time. Using Akira Maxsafe gives you better efficiency with a naturally boosted lifespan of appliances. But here are some more issues that Akira Maxsafe solves. 

1. Scaling on Sinks & Bathtubs: 

Minerals in the hard water settle on the surface of sinks & bathtubs, and tiles causing whitish and yellowish stains on them. Soft water does not allow scale formation thus will remove this issue forever. 

2. No Frequent maintenance:

Soft water acts as a scale protector for appliances offering them relief from stains, clogs, corrosion, and other issues. The home water flow system also degrades frequently due to hard water, followed by frequent needs for calling plumbers, cleaning and repairs. Akira Max Safe stops all these at once.

3. Minimise Water Bills: 

Minerals such as calcium & magnesium in the hard water clog the pipes and create minor leaks. Though tiny in its size, minor leaks waste gallons of water each day eventually increasing water bills significantly. Soft water will not damage the pipes and thus save money.

4. Long Lifespan of Home Appliances: 

Akira Maxsafe home appliances water softener dramatically increases the lifespan of day-to-day home appliances. It removes the minerals and prevents the regrowth of microbial substances on the surface of devices giving them a longer life.

Technology Akira Maxsafe Water Softener Uses:

The Akira Maxsafe Water Softener for home appliances works for two motives and thus uses two separate technologies combined in one device. 

  1. The device uses Polymeric Oxyionic Media technology. This removes the scale deposits and tuberculation that result in removing the formed microbial and further restricts their regrowth in the future. Stabilising the continuous flow of chlorine-free water is a notable point for the users. 
  2. For water softening the device uses Magnetic Conditioning of Hard Water, shortly referred to as MCHW technology. This magnetic water softener uses highly strong magnets to break Micro Clustered water molecules that lead to hard ness. This turns hard water into soft water.

Features of Akira Maxsafe Water Softener for Home Appliances:

  1. Zero Electricity
  2. Zero Maintenance
  3. 100% Eco-Friendly
  4. ABS Body
  5. Five-year Warranty
  6. Certified by Top Agencies


Hard water is not contagious to health if we ignore some minor side-effects such as dry skin & hair. But it causes very adverse effects on home appliances, clothes, and water supply. Indirectly all these increase your expenditures to a significant level. 

Akira Maxsafe offers you a permanent solution to all these regular issues of your home. Install this pocket water softening device in the water intake tanks of your appliances and get soft water without a single extra unit of electricity. 

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