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Note: Check Diameter of your Water Inlet Pipe of your overhead tank and choose same size (Inches) Akira Agro

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Akira Ago is a Magnetic Water Softener, which does not use any chemicals or resin to soften the water.
either Choose 3.0 inches or 4.0 inches from Akira Agro.

India is a farming dominated country, but we all know that larger section of our farmers is still far behind of latest technologies available to make their crops grow faster, fully nourished and greener.

Water is the main ingredient of any farming, and its availability is extremely important. It has most important minerals dissolved in it which are required for better and faster growth of crops. These minerals need to go deep into roots through the soil for proper nourishment of the seeds and crops. Most of the farmers use submersible pumps to extract water, this water most of the time is hard. The water flowing into the field has hard water crystals which leaves deposits of excessive Calcium and magnesium salts on the soil. These deposits on the soil do not allow important minerals to seep into the roots. As a result, crops remain organically non-nourished and largely remain depend on pesticide and chemicals. So, it is important to change nature of the water to Soft from so that crops are fully nurtured with the natural minerals present in the water.

Akira Agro Magnetic Water Softeners with latest MCHW technology has made it possible to convert hard water into soft instantly. This can be easily fitted with the Submersible pump. It has a strong magnetic field inside which breaks molecular structure of water and breaks hard water crystals and aligns them into a unilateral direction and reduces surface tension of the water. As a result, this hard water crystal loses their tendency to impact on plants & crops and necessary minerals are quickly absorbed by the roots. The technology has been widely used across the world for farming.

Connect Akira Agro with your Submersible and Grow more crops year after year


  • Instantly Converts Hard Water into Soft.
  • No white scaling on the soil.
  • Water with rich minerlas reaches the roots fast
  • Roots quickly absorb all minerals present in the water
  • Advantage of faster, Greener and fully nourished crops

Additional Features

  • No Use of Chemicals or resin to soften the water.
  • MCHW is a 100% Organic technology
  • No Recharging required
  • Zero Maintanance and Electricity
  • Five years warranty against any manufacuring defect.

Warranty Terms & Conditions

Akira Agro is warranted for 5 years against any manufacturing defect.

In case if you receive a damaged or defective product, yu can reach us at our email ID care@teknovus.in with in 3 days of receiving the product, we will contact you and arrange for replacement. Returning after 5 days may result in your return being rejected. We will assist you to sort out the issue you may have, either through online method, over the phone or in person technical visit. The return product must not be in tempered condition.

Agriculture Water Filter System

Water is important not only for domestic purposes but also for agriculture, which cannot be overestimated. It is this energy-intensive resource that drives food growth. Water is not only needed to grow crops but also to raise livestock for meat products. Large amounts of subsidies in the agriculture sector, along with efficiency issues, have made the goal of improving output a major goal.

In India, water is primarily used for agricultural purposes. The reality of diminishing water sources is a reality that we need to look at and work for. This is the reason why companies are creating solutions for high-quality water treatment systems. Teknovus continues to work on this in order to provide the best solutions for the same. 

Agriculture water filter system for seamless irrigation process 

Fresh water has decreased in the past few years, thereby making it difficult for farmers to carry on with their tasks. This has thereby led to an increase in the level of pollutants and contaminants in the water that the farmers tend to use. Subsequently, this can affect their irrigation process to a great extent, which will then thereby affect their produce. Because of this existing problem, modern technology has come forward to solve it by introducing agricultural water filter systems for farmers. Agriculture water filters protect irrigation systems from getting spoiled or contaminated. Teknovus ensures that all your agricultural facilities and systems are clearly protected and managed with the help of this water filter for agriculture.  

Why prefer Teknovus?

Teknovus is a leading company with techno-commercial professionals from top Indian institutes and professional work experience with India’s top business leads like Tata, Birla, and many other top Indian brands. Teknovus provides many filters for various domains, like domestic, agriculture, etc. The agriculture water filter system makes sure that the equipment of various agricultural sections associated with this site is not harmed. The life of farm machinery is extended by the quality of water that is used in it. 

Types of Agriculture Water Filtration 

Water supply plays a very crucial role in agriculture, which is essential for the success and productivity of agricultural irrigation projects. Filtration plays a very important role in agriculture. Without a proper filtration process, the agricultural system does not work properly and efficiently. The process of agricultural water filtration is an involved one. The agriculture water filtration system includes the following:

  • Sand filtration 

This type of filtration is one of the oldest types or processes of filtration. Sand filtration is also a form of media filter. In earlier times, it was believed that sand was used to filter for human consumption. The quality of water depends on the medium that will be used to trap fine particles. This process of sand filtration is even used today to treat wastewater naturally.

  • Media filters 

Media filtration is another type of filtration wherein media filters are used to trap medium-sized, fine particles. This type of filtration depends on the type of substance being filtered.

  • Gravel filters 

Gravel filters are another type of filtration done in agriculture. This filtration also depends on the type of substances being filtered.

  • Screen filters 

This type of filtration includes stainless mesh, which is then used to filter the water for agricultural use. There are different sizes of mesh that can be used to filter out the particles in the water.

  • Disc filters 

Disc filters include a stack of grooved discs through which the water circulates. The grooves on the disc can be calibrated to suit specific levels of filtration.


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Akira Agro 3.0, Akira Agro 4.0


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