How to Make your Indoor Plants Grow Faster and Greener with Filtered Water?

We all love to have beautiful terrace garden and lots of green plants in balconies. This indeed is a good idea to have greener surroundings with flowers, that helps us to rejuvenate and breath fresh & pure air daily. The oxygen level is much higher in greener surroundings. so how to make your indoor plants grow faster?

We do cultivate plants using fertilizers, pesticides, and other organic material for better growth. But how much we succeed in this. Have you ever wondered what is the main cause of slow and lesser growth of plants and why it takes longer time? Most of the people use overhead tank water to water their plants. But in today’s time most localities have hard untreated water in their overhead tank. This hard water is primarily consisting of excessive Calcium and Magnesium.

When it flows from pipes, it is in the form of hard crystals. These hard water crystals fall on the soil and settles on it and as a result do not allow good minerals to pass through the soil to the roots for proper nourishment of the plant. As a result, plants grow in a restricted manner due to lack of proper nourishment.

Purified Water for Indoor Plants

But newer technologies have made it possible to convert hard water into soft instantly. This has been made possible by a Tap Attachment enabled with MCHW technology, Magnetic Conditioning of Hard Water. These are also known as Magnetic Water Softeners. This can be easily fitted with the tap with which you want to water your plants.

It has a strong magnetic field inside which breaks molecular structure of water and breaks hard water crystals and aligns them into a unilateral direction and reduces surface tension of the water. As a result, this hard water crystal loses their tendency to impact on plants and necessary minerals are quickly absorbed by the plant. The technology has been widely used across the world for farming. The same technology has now started in a smaller form for home use for supporting terrace garden and other home plants.

how to make your indoor plants grow faster

But be very careful while buying this product because many counterfeits also available at low prices, so do check mark of MCHW technology on the product. Original NDFeb rare earth magnets of 24000 gauss value are used in original product. It is available online in India at a price of Rs. 2990/-. It can be easily fitted with the taps.

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