Softening the Hard Water Made Easy- Simplyfied Treatment

Why is Hard Water Bad?

Usage of hard water is cruel in our life. Besides hair fall and skin problems, hard water also damages our expensive bath fitting and appliances due to heavy scaling on these items. Lather on detergents is very less and clothes also lose their shine & whiteness. Watering plants with hard water restricts their growth and greenery. There are countless ill effects of hard water on our daily life.

For many years people have been using conventional methods of softening the water. All these methods involved either frequent change of chemically coated balls or recharging of resin with Salt Solution periodically. This was proving too complicated to the customer including heavy recurring and maintenance cost. Even after buying such expensive systems customer was not delighted, rather he was quite frustrated. Moreover, there have always been the chances of side effects due to either chemically coated balls or entry of excessive sodium in the natural water because of using salt solution to recharge the resin media.

Water Softening Technology

MCHW technology, works on the principle of magnetism. Focused magnetic field physically changes the water’s molecular structure, which reduces the size of the water molecule and aligns dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium in a uniform direction. Magnetic field generated causes a reduced surface tension, thus, restricts hard water minerals from forming of hard crystals of scale. which minimizes impact of excessive pH and hardness, this makes the water feel softer and behave like soft water. As a result, scale is removed from your plumbing, appliances and fixtures saving your time cleaning, and money on fuel to heat your water. Hence as water passes through the magnetic field the lime scale (salt) molecules lose their attraction to one another and are prevented from combining into larger structures (lime scale), causing them to remain in suspension. These products are commonly known as Magnetic Water Softeners.

This eliminates hard water impact on skin, hair and restricts scaling on Home Appliances and sanitary fittings.

In all conventional methods of Softening the water, there is a trend of measuring TDS and Hardness of water. It is measured at the water inlet and again at the outlet after the treatment. All conventional Water Softeners become ineffective if regular media change or Salt solution recharging is not done. Hence as and when they change media or recharge the system, he wants to check whether the system is working or not. Such hassles and complication of the system frustrates the customer and as a result he stops using the product.

Water Softener on Demand

The principle of Magnetism, as in MCHW technology, is being preferred world over for softening the water. It is greatly consumer friendly, focused on consumer experience and its end impact on his life. In this technology, TDS & hardness is not measured at the output because it is not extracting any natural minerals from input water but in actual it is changing the molecular structure of water. Therefore, output TDS & hardness PPM is maintained almost the same as of input.

This fit and forget technology makes your life convenient, hassle-free, no worry of measuring the hardness, no recurring cost, no recharging with salt solution, no maintenance, zero electricity and long life.

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