Reasons Why You Should Purify Drinking Water

reasons why you should purify drinking water

Want to get rid of contaminated water? Did you know what is Magetised Drinking water? Are you finding the best drinking water magnetizer or drinking water filter or purifier or tap filter? 

No need to skip this page as this post is especially for you. Drinking water or tap water is becoming contaminated day by day, which leads to various diseases. In such a situation, everyone wants to purify drinking water. If you are also from one of them, then this post is of course for you. Installation of a drinking water filter is one of the most common, convenient, and effective ways to purify your drinking water. 

If you want to install a Drinking Water Filter or Magnetic water filter for a tap in the kitchen, then you must contact Teknovus. Teknovus is the water filter and water magnetizing system provider. Here are some topics that you must know about. Read the post thoroughly.

Remove Unwanted Contaminants

Drinking Water filter remove unwanted contaminants

Water contamination is a widespread issue everywhere throughout the globe.

Higher contamination levels in drinking water have an immediate negative effect on health. In general, it depends on each person’s susceptibility and the way the body is contacted. Therefore, removing unwanted contaminants can make your health safe.

The water supply is contaminated with lead, chemicals, viruses, pathogens, as well as many other physical, chemical, biological, and radiological compounds and substances. The quantity of a specific ingredient that is permissible in your water is restricted by the local water authorities even though it is virtually impossible to actually remove all traces of pollutants from your water. 

Protect Your Health

Water that really is safe and abundant makes things simpler to conduct cleanliness, which is important in order to prevent various neglected tropical diseases along with respiratory infections and waterborne diseases. Drinking water containing microbes can lead to major health problems and diseases such as diarrhea, typhoid, and hepatitis. The right method to safeguard yourself if you are living in a region where such diseases are a concern is to use a filtration system. Filtered water eliminates typical chemical pollutants such as salt, chlorine, copper, etc.

Improve The Taste and Odor Of Your Tap Water

A lot of the houses have water that tastes awful, and people have reported the water they consume every day has a weird taste. Your tap water may have an odd flavor or odor for a variety of reasons. It is recommended to routinely test your or whether there are any impurities or problems you need to solve. On this basis, you will be properly informed about the water’s quality and you will be knowledgeable of the most effective ways to enhance the taste and odor of drinking water. Now, the question is how to improve the taste and the odor of your tap water. Well, there are lots of ways to do so. Some of the ways are here. 

Three Ways To Purify Drinking Water

You should boil your water to get rid of the taste and odor of chemicals:

People have long used the common practice of boiling tap water to get rid of contaminants or improve flavor and odor. The fact is that everything depends on the pollutants in your water. Boiling water won’t always be able to get rid of some contaminants, such as heavy metals. 

Installation of Water Filter In Your Kitchen:

Installing a professional water filtration system is the easiest and most practical method of water treatment. Fortunately, you have access to a wide selection of premium goods created by respected companies.

Such water purification systems are successful in eliminating a number of impurities from your water, such as suspended particles, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and chemical molecules. Such filter systems can also provide your water with a more organic and fresh flavor. Not only will toxins go, but also undesirable tastes and odors. 

RO – Reverse Osmosis System:

To get rid of dissolved solids, a RO function is to filter water in numerous phases. Reverse osmosis, which includes pumping water through a semi-membrane to remove total dissolved solids (TDS), is one stage in the process. While a carbon filter reduces volatile compounds, chlorine, and other impurities that can give your water a bad taste or smell, a sediment filter removes dirt, dust, and rust particles. The most thorough method of filtering for removing hazardous minerals is a RO system, however, doing so also eliminates beneficial minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and potassium etc. which are extremely important for our body.

Why Magnetise Your Purified Drinking Water

Our body’s pH is raised by the more alkaline magnetized water, enabling the body to expel contaminants. It is thought that bio-magnetized water is energizing, stimulating and detoxifying. Unfortunately, the natural qualities of spring water, which has spent a long time roving in the earth’s magnetic field, have been lost in the water we drink every day. The ability of magnets to alter the molecular structure of water, making it more hydrating, is one of their fascinating but probably less well-known uses. The HDM, Hydro Dynamic Magnetism, is a well technology to magentised drinking water. Some companies have started selling these small devices, enabled with HDM technology, which can easily be fitted in any RO system in your home, to convert purified drinking water into purified magnetised water.  Drinking magenitsed water benefits in following ways :

  • Minerals present in water gets quickly absorbed by body cells.
  • Increases oxygen level in body cells and blood.
  • Helps body to hydrate better and get rid of acidity & excess of free radicals.
  • Rejuvenates hair & skin and improves overall immunity & vitality.
  • Reduces the risk of Osteoporosis and fractures by increasing the bone density.
  • Lowers BP, Diabetes and helps in preventing many diseases.

People in Japan and many countries drink magnetised water and their life expectancy is much-much higher. Such water is very popular among sports people and people who need better energy levels. World over many researches have proved and established these benefits of drinking Magnetised water. The technology helps in prevention and is not a cure. For those who already have some pre-medical condition should consult a medical practitioner for quick relief and start drinking magentised water simultaneously.

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